White Chocolate Covered Oreos

I am in full wedding planning mode.  Rachel (my daughter) & Scotty are getting married!

One of Rachel’s requests for their wedding reception is Oreos, she loves them.  OK, how to make Oreos elegant…or wedding reception acceptable.  Let the fun begin!

Can you believe I took a picture without biting into one…

That’s better…and yummy!  The colors for the wedding are cream, gray, and pink.  The pink sprinkles I had on hand were too bright and looked ugly.  I will go shopping for something pretty, we will see.  I am taking suggestions or comments, and definitely stopping at eating one!

1 (12 oz) package of good chocolate chips, semi sweet, dark, or white
1 Tbl shortening (do not substitute butter or some other fat)
1 package Oreos, double stuff, golden, peanut butter, mint, or holiday
chips of another color for drizzling on top of finished cookies or sprinkles

Line two baking sheets with Silpats or wax paper.

Mix chocolate chips and shortening in a large glass bowl.  Microwave for a few seconds at a time, stirring and checking to see when it’s fully melted.  Careful, so you don’t end up with scorched chocolate.  I melted mine over a double boiler on low, when just melted I turned off heat.

Put Oreos into melted chocolate one at a time and cover with chocolate.  I used two forks to lift the Oreos out of chocolate, I set the cookie on one fork and let some chocolate slide off and used the other fork to skim some off the top so there is a nice even layer but not too much.  Gently run the fork around the outside and under the bottom of the cookie, careful not to touch, just to remove excess chocolate.  Place cookie on baking sheet.  If using sprinkles, sprinkle now before set.

When all cookies have been dipped, put baking sheet in refrigerator for about half an hour until chocolate sets.  Now you can melt chocolate for drizzle if desired.  Take cookie sheet out of refrigerator and drizzle some chocolate across top.  You can use a ziplock baggie with a little hole cut in one corner or just dip a fork into chocolate and drizzle over cookies.  Let set completely in fridge.  This recipe coveres about 22 Oreos.

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