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Fast Homemade Honey Buttermilk Bread

A very popular post here at CookiesCakesPiesOhMy is One Hour Homemade Bread. I wanted to call this Honey Buttermilk Bread “one hour” but it takes longer, about an hour and a half. But, that is not a long wait for the end product of freshly baked bread.

Fast Honey Buttermilk Bread

5¼ cups flour
2 pkt (4½ tsp) dry yeast
1/2 cup warm water (about 110°)
3 Tbl honey
1/3 cup oil
1½ tsp salt
1½ cups warm buttermilk

In bowl of mixer, add flour and yeast.  Pour in warm water over yeast.  Add honey, oil, salt and warm buttermilk (heat buttermilk in microwave on 50% until warm, careful not to curdle). Mix for 5 minutes. Spray counter and 2 bread pans with non-stick spray.  Shape loaves, place in pans and cover with towel.  Let rise 45-60 minutes.  Bake at 375° for 25-30 minutes (tent with foil during baking if necessary so loaves don’t get too brown).  Makes 2 loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Fast Homemade Honey Buttermilk Bread”

  1. Kristen –this looks like a great stand by recipe that I’d use again and again– bread and butter is my favorite “food!” and this looks like something really do-able. thanks!

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